December ushers us into a celebration of Light with festivities worldwide, in multiple cultures and traditions. Christmas lights, Hanuka candles, the Kwanzaa kinara, etc. all invite us to explore deeper meaning and higher purpose. As a part of SoulPages™, we are celebrating the holidays with free creative tutorials, giveaways, and a live event.


Light Me Up SoulPages

Light Me Up!

  • Three days of FREE amazing new tutorials all themed around Light
  • SoulPages™ inspiration that connects you with vision, gratitude, and personal insight.
  • A LIVE creative celebration with a raffle drawing to win a full year of SoulCircle for free!
  • Announcement of our THREE raffle winners at our live event on December 10!
  • Opportunities to win even more great prizes when you and a friend sign up for SoulCircle 2023, The Wheel of Time