Creativity is not an elusive gift that is sparsely distributed by some random luck of genetics. Creativity is actually a part of every human brain and is an essential part of our function in life. To view yourself as not creative is to limit yourself of your true potential.

After years of practicing mindfulness meditation, I have also realized the interconnection between creative flow and mindful insight. We can actively choose to open our creative minds through imagination and visual expression, and in the process discover hidden wisdom and connection that brings healing and joy.

It’s not just me that is experiencing this. I’m seeing it happen in people all over the world. And I’m here to tell you—it can happen for you.

SoulPages™ and Mindful Creativity

While many of you have told me how much the various offerings of mindful creativity that you’ve taken from me have made an impact, it seems that SoulPages™ is often the easiest entry point for most of you.

It took me a while—mostly because I’ve been busy offering SoulPages™ workshops or making video recordings—but I’ve finally got some information about SoulPages™ on my website.

If you are interested in participating in this deeply meaningful practice, you can now find multiple ways to get involved.

May you be whole and at peace.
May your creativity flourish and open pathways to greater calm and ease.
May you know joy as an inherent quality, always available to you.

And if it suits you, may all this happen with a bit of your favorite colored paint splashed on your hand.