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Meet Your Inner Artist

We are all born artists but when we grow up, we sometimes lose connection to the freedom and creativity we used to have as children.  Yet the Inner Artist still lives inside of every one of us and is ready to take you on amazing adventures. Join…
Inspiring Archetypes
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Inspiring Archetypes

New Course at Create Space KC! Awaken to your personal power through the inspiration of female archetypes while creating art in a visual journal using the SoulPages™ method. This unique 7-week course combines guided meditation, self-growth,…

Mindful Art Journal Club — are you interested?

Mindful art journaling—the visual experience of meditation and insight—has been a tremendously supportive practice for me for over a year now. It has helped me recognize more tangibly what I may be resisting, what I need to allow, and what…
20 Days of Visual Insight Banner

20 Days of Visual Insight

Are you interested in exploring art and creativity as a means of knowing yourself and growing in mindfulness? This FREE 20-day course invites you into deeper insight through multiple intuitive art, drawing concentrations, and collage practices.…

NEW! Mindfully Creative Online Course

Have you ever heard anyone lament, Oh, I wish I were more creative! or perhaps you've even said it yourself as you looked on with not-so-hidden jealousy at someone else's creative work? Yet creativity is a human quality in every single one of…