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Day 1 of Loving Healing Creating 2023

Today is the first day of the Loving Healing Creating 2023 Summit. I was so surprised to see my session offered on Day One! Wow! I am so honored to collaborate with Larissa in the beautiful work she is doing in the world. You can access the…

Free Healing with Creativity Summit, Join me there!

You know how much working on our healing helps us grow, change and develop. But, did you know how much healing with creativity can help us grow, heal and expand even more in our lives? Larissa Russell of Creative U has invited me to join…

Look what I am a part of now! You won’t want to miss it.

Did you know there is scientific backing showing how much creativity can lower your stress? Do you want to learn more about Healing with Creativity? Journaling Meditation Art Mindfulness and much more! I am one of the…
Guiding Light Email 2022
Image of a visual journal using SoulPages method
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Announcing SoulCircle – an exciting community

I’m excited to be a part of a new, creative online community of women called SoulCircle.  SoulCircle is a safe, intentional community with like-minded women who meet regularly to use the tool of visual journaling for self-growth and enlightenment.…
Inspiring Archetypes
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Inspiring Archetypes

New Course at Create Space KC! Awaken to your personal power through the inspiration of female archetypes while creating art in a visual journal using the SoulPages™ method. This unique 7-week course combines guided meditation, self-growth,…
Learning From Dandelions
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New Self-Paced “Learning from the Dandelion” Online Course

Over the past year, I've been working closely with Rakefet Hadar, founder of SoulPages. She has most generously offered me the opportunity to post some of my courses on her platform. I'm happy to announce my first self-paced mini-class, Learning…
My Inner Artist
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Upcoming Mindful Art & Inner Artist Classes

Visual Practice of Letting Go Mindfully meet the reality of constant change and how our attempts to avoid it feel in the body and heart. Through the integrated experience of guided meditation and process art, this session will support you in…