Comforting Gestures

Sometimes our bodies are able to help us calm down more quickly than our minds. This audio recording of comforting gestures and soothing touches helps us to explore what might work best for us individually because it's different for everyone. It…
Two people holding hands in comfort and support.

Compassionate Friend

We have a compassionate voice within ourselves that is always available to us. Through the assistance of a compassionate friend, this guided meditation helps us to direct this compassionate voice toward ourselves. Too often, we speak…
Tourist hiking in aspen grove at autumn

Inspiration from the Aspens

This guided meditation was written shortly after the death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and so many others. We are suffering, our country ravaged by the fires of racism, police brutality, and violence. I am broken by the cruelty…
Pyramid of sea pebbles on a sunny sand beach. Life balance and harmony concept

Meditation for Managing Pain or Discomfort

When you're in pain, it impacts more than just your body. It spills over to your emotions, thoughts, and interactions with other people. The widespread use of opioids shows the desperation to find a way to manage chronic pain. Mindfulness meditation…
Wild Forest Bird Common Starling Sitting In Branch Tree In Sprin

Finding a Neutral Anchor for Meditation

When we meditate, it's a common practice to include an anchor—a safe place of grounding as we practice awareness of the present moment. The anchor also provides an intentional place we can return to when we notice our thoughts have wandered.…