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Finding a Neutral Anchor for Meditation

April 21, 2020 | Guided Meditations

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  • Finding a Neutral Anchor for Meditation

When we meditate, it’s a common practice to include an anchor—a safe place of grounding as we practice awareness of the present moment. The anchor also provides an intentional place we can return to when we notice our thoughts have wandered. While the breath is often used as an anchor, there are so many more possibilities! The main thing is to find an anchor that works best for you, even varying anchors for different meditation sessions.

Today, I’ve made an exploratory guided meditation to help you practice using different types of anchors. There is a brief teaching first, followed by three short guided meditations to give you a “discovery” session.  I hope you have fun with this while discovering new, safe and grounding anchors for your meditation practice.

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