Guided Meditations

Coffee / Tea Meditation
Approx. 8 minutes

Seeing our experience of drinking coffee or tea in a new way helps open the heart and mind for creativity.

Visualization as an Aspen
Approx. 11 minutes

This meditation explores the interconnectivity of life to bring healing to ourselves and others, as modeled by the aspen trees.

Working with Pain and Difficulty
Approx. 9 minutes

Though resistance to pain and difficulty is natural, the very act of resistance can increase the pain in our body. This meditation practice helps us to open to our suffering with curiosity rather than resistance.

Exploring Anchors other than Breath
Approx. 11 minutes

Mindfulness meditation often focuses on the breath as our anchor, yet any number of other sensory experiences work just as well or even better for some people.

Lovingkindness Meditation Introduction
Approx. 11 minutes

Learning to practice lovingkindness for ourselves and others helps to increase our inner happiness and goodwill for others—even those who irritate us!

Awareness of Thoughts
Approx. 15 minutes

This meditation practice helps us to be aware of thoughts, types of thoughts, and how we relate to those thoughts.

Increasing Awareness of the Body
Approx. 15 minutes

A meditation focusing on the body and body sensations.

Finding your anchor and concentration:
Approx. 10 minutes

A very basic guided meditation. Timeless in application, calming in its simplicity.