We may worry a lot, yet are often unaware of our worries and their connection to our thoughts, ideas, opinions, or doubts about things. Like a first-class storyteller, the stream of thoughts just keeps on talking, persistently interfering, offering its opinion on everything. Getting to know our thoughts helps us to actually work with them rather than being driven by them.

Week Three: Guided Meditation

Here is the guided meditation for Week Three of the Intro to Mindfulness Meditation Course. Our brain secretes thoughts automatically, but the good news is that we don’t have to believe all those thoughts. By practicing mindfulness of thoughts, we quickly see how thoughts come and go—they are simply thoughts—and we don’t have to get stuck in them.

Working with Thoughts:
Approx. 15 minutes

Here is the simple handout for this week, exploring how you relate to your thoughts. Would you treat your beloved friend like this?