Unlock insight and connection to your authentic self through mindful art practices

How does mindfulness and art integrate?


Art and creative practices themselves can serve as powerful tools for developing mindfulness.  Engaging in activities like painting, writing, or playing music requires a level of focused attention that quiets the mind and fosters a sense of present-moment awareness.

Freedom to be Curious

Beyond inducing a state of calm, mindful art practices cultivate curiosity and a beginner's mind, a core concept in mindfulness. The beginner's mind encourages us to approach experiences with fresh eyes, free from preconceived notions.

Discovery & Connection

The very act of creating mindfully can lead to unexpected insights and "aha!" moments. By being fully present in the creative process, we become more attuned to the subtle details and unexpected connections that might spark understanding.

Mindful art is not a practice for artists only. In fact, some of the most profound insights have come from those who have no art background at all

By engaging mindfully in a creative process, we open access to a part of ourselves that has been longing to be heard and has much to say.

Sometimes, mindful art is very specific and detailed, carefully guiding the mind to a hyper-focused awareness that easily ushers us into the present moment. We begin to see the world around us with new perspectives and greater appreciation.

 Other times, the art invites us to let go and fully immerse ourselves in expressiveness, without engaging the "logical", noisy part of our brain. After allowing this freedom of expression, we can then explore with our full mind to unlock the insights our subconscious has been holding

My Training

Art Studies


I've always had a personal interest in art. While I have had a few classes in formal art training, most of my study has been self-directed. I'm fascinated by light, values, textures, lines, techniques, and art mediums.



Rakefet Hadar has created an incredible process to help open joy and insight through visual journaling. Many of my mindful art practices are based on the SoulPages® method.

Art Therapy Practitioner


Expressive and mindful art is incredibly therapeutic. I have done much study in art therapeutic practices and am certified for nonclinical practice. Please note: I am NOT a therapist. If you need therapy, please see a qualified therapist.

Dharma Training


My exploration of the ancient roots of mindfulness has deepened my practice. It's a privilege to use art as a bridge to make these powerful teachings more approachable. This creative exploration allows everyone to connect with these profound ideas in a fresh and meaningful way.

Real people.

Real stories.



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Soulpages®, founder

Pam Hausner was part of my first international cohort. She quickly grasped the powerful impact of the SoulPages® method and teaches some truly transformative workshops. I count on her to help train other SoulPages® facilitators, and deeply appreciate the skill and thoughtfulness she brings to everything she does.

Explore Self-Paced Classes

Carefully designed to be accessible to everyone, these classes can be done using simple household materials or in some cases, simple art supplies. For those mixed media afficionados, you can jump in with both feet and use all your favorite materials.

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