You will need the following materials for this course.

  • Pen and/or pencil
  • Set of markers, crayons, or watercolors
  • Sketch or watercolor paper
  • One raisin (curious?)

This class is offered periodically. Let me know if you’d like to be included in the next class.

A 3-Week Course on Accessing Our Natural Creativity Through Mindfulness

Mindful, creative engagement in all that we do is the natural response to our world. The very act of being mindful opens us to an unlimited world of creativity. This course is intended to be your guide for opening to mindfulness and creative engagement on a daily basis in all that you do. You can learn to engage creatively in any number of ways, simply by learning how to be mindful.

Each week will include guided audio meditations, creativity exercises, and “habit releasers” for you to practice during the week. Please see the side column for a small list of materials you will need for this class.

We know the idea of creativity can be scary for some people. All care will be taken to ensure you feel safe and supported during the classes while you learn to tap into this beautiful gift within you.

  • Week One: Opening to New Ideas

    In this first class, we’ll look at the well-established link between Mindfulness and Creativity. We’ll take a look at common socially constructed hindrances to creativity and begin to understand some of the ruts we fall in. Through mindfulness of breath and creativity exercises, we’ll learn to let go of judgment and other restraints, allowing the flow of life—including creative ideas—to flourish.

  • Week Two: Opening to Impermanence

    Learn how creativity and much of our happiness is hindered by habitual thoughts and beliefs that we cling to. Our mindfulness practice in this class helps to retrain our brain, bringing awareness of how we get attached to unhealthy habitual thoughts and empowering us to disentangle from their grip. Our creativity exercise will build on this new spaciousness while creating an intuitive work from an open heart space.

  • Week Three: Opening to Insight

    This final session digs into accessing the wisdom and creativity that resides deep inside each one of us. Through training in Insight Meditation and an ancient art practice that has been used for thousands of years, we learn to see our personal truth with greater clarity and compassion. This insight will help you integrate creative, heart-centered engagement in all that you do.