Fierce Self-Compassion


One Visual Mindfulness Practice suitable for art journaling, watercolor paper, or canvas.

Self-compassion plays a vital role in our emotional well-being. When self-compassion is nurtured, it creates a supportive, understanding environment that strengthens emotional regulation and resilience. Self-compassion includes both a tender and fierce application.

We show the tender side of self-compassion in many ways, including kind words and soothing gestures. Yet we must also recognize the value of fierce self-compassion to motivate us to act and help set healthy boundaries.

Anger is an important, normal, and healthy response when something happens that is in contrast to our values and need for safety. The challenge with anger is that too often we are not taught how to work with it skillfully. Often as women, we are told to suppress it or shamed for expressing it.

In this visual journal meditation practice, we are invited to honor, validate, and understand emotions like anger and recognize how they’re ultimately trying to help us stay safe or achieve goals. With fierce self-compassion, we can build confidence, clarity, and happiness in our lives.

This practice can be done using basic household supplies. Simply adapt the lesson to use what you have available. If you enjoy using art materials, this is a great time to get them out and let yourself play a bit. Below is the list of materials you will see me use in the video.

  • Chalk pastels
  • High flow acrylics
  • Waterproof pen
  • Tissue or deli paper
  • Collage items (text pages, images, scrapbook paper, etc.)
  • Stencil pattern (optional)
  • Matte medium
  • Liquid gesso
  • Acrylic and gel markers

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