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Upcoming Mindful Art & Inner Artist Classes

July 6, 2022 | Creativity, Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness

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Visual Practice of Letting Go

Mindfully meet the reality of constant change and how our attempts to avoid it feel in the body and heart. Through the integrated experience of guided meditation and process art, this session will support you in increasing awareness of how clinging and aversion show up for you, and how you can cultivate a friendly relationship with impermanence. This class is offered through the Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness.


Meet Your Inner Artist

We are all born as artists yet when we grow up, too often we lose connection to the freedom and creativity we used to have as children. Still, the Inner Artist lives inside of every one of us and is ready to take us on amazing adventures. In this class, we will have a guided meditation where we will meet our Inner Artist and open our gateway to creativity. We’ll then work intuitively using watercolors and mixed media to illustrate our experience. This class is based on the SoulPages method created by Rakefet Hadar.

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